15 words and phrases you never knew you had wrong

Check out this great blog post by Tammie.

Youngfully Employed


So let me start by saying I had a lot of fun writing this post. After looking up all the terms below, I realized how silly I probably looked to all my former colleagues and classmates. It really gave me a great laugh! How many of these words and phrases have you confused recently? Personally, I’ve screwed up about nine of these.

1) Based on
Anything you do is always based on something. You never base anything off of something. Think about it. You put items on a base, not off of it.

2) Couldn’t care less
Saying “I could care less” means exactly that: you could care less. But when you want to emphasize exactly how little you care about something, you would say, “I couldn’t care less” to show that person that there’s absolutely nothing in the world that could make you care less than you already do. Got it?

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