Just One More

hacksawridgeteaserposter_2016june39-500x383I just recently watched the movie Hacksaw Ridge.  I went with my family and some friends.  To be honest, we were not anticipating much from the film.  All of us had heard some pretty bad reviews about it, so our expectations were rather low.  However, we love Mel Gibson and his other films, so we had to go see it.  The theater was packed.  Every seat was taken and there were even people trying to sit on the floor.  Interesting for a movie with such bad reviews.

(This section might contain some spoilers)                                                                                                    For those of you who do not know, Hacksaw Ridge is a movie based on the true life story of Desmond Doss and the events which took place on Hacksaw Ridge. In the film, Desmond Doss, because of his own personal convictions, will not touch a gun.  He intends on saving lives, not taking them.  They try to break him.  They beat him, send him to a psychiatrist, and threaten him with prison.  It does not work.  They can’t get him to sway from his beliefs.  He is labeled a coward.  When they finally get up on Hacksaw Ridge and all the action starts, he has a chance to prove his worth.  After some time fighting, his squadron retreats and everyone that can gets off the ridge.  Doss was trying to save the life of one of his fellow soldiers.  He dies and Doss is confused and broken.  He takes a moment to ask God what he wants from him.  He runs back into the kill zone to look for someone else to save.  He finds someone that is still alive, drags him to safety, and lowers him off of the ridge to soldiers at the bottom  of the cliff.  Right when he is finished he asks “Lord, please help me get one more.”   All night long, without sleep or food he runs back into the kill zone to save the life of one more person.  Exhausted, hungry, and hands raw from lowering wounded soldiers off of Hacksaw Ridge with a rope, he saves as many lives as he can.  By the end of the war Doss had become the strength of his squadron.  The next day the rest of the soldiers in his group would not continue without Doss’s prayer and blessing.  They went on to win the war.  At the end of the movie the entire theater was applauding the excellent film.

What an amazing story.  We were all surprised at what a great movie it was.  I started to think about how all of us can be heroes in our own way.  So many people do great things without any fanfare, applause, or sometimes desmond-doss-ceremonyeven a thank you.  Most of us will not be getting awards or medals of honor, at least here on Earth.  Every person is a story on an incredible journey.  Most likely a movie will not be made about the events in our lives.

I want to know what is your “Just One More” story.  Do you have a story to tell or do you know someone with an amazing story?  Tell it here.  Let’s all celebrate our wonderful journeys together.

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