Literary Diversity and the Bottomless C.S. Lewis: A Unique Journey in Books

I have always been fascinated with C.S. Lewis’ writing. This is the perfect blog post to explain how bottomless Lewis truly is.

A Pilgrim in Narnia

In George Sayer‘s compelling biography of C.S. Lewis, Sayer recalls the first time he met his future tutor and friend. Before and after his first meeting, Sayer found himself chatting with an unknown professor, later to be revealed as J.R.R. Tolkien. When Sayer described how his  first meeting went, Tolkien remarked:

“You’ll never get to the bottom of him” (Jack, xx).

This bottomless Lewis creates some interesting puzzles for biographers, but it is also a neat phenomenon for readers. I don’t know how you tumbled into Lewis. For me, I had read Narnian fairy tales as a child, and had used sections from Lewis’ most popular apologetics, Mere Christianity, as a young teacher, but hadn’t seriously wrestled with it. When my wife and I immigrated to Japan, we found ourselves inheriting an advanced English class that had The Great Divorce as the main text…

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