These Gifts Are Not For You

Some gifts are big, others are small. Gifts from the heart are the best gifts of all. -Tinku Razoria

When it’s your birthday the gifts are for you to have and keep as long as you wish. Do you remember your favorite birthday? Do you remember the gifts you received? Or is there a certain gift that sticks out more than any other?

I remember on my 14th birthday, my dad gave me a bottle of brandy. Of course, everyone at my party, including myself, was shocked and confused. Just minutes after opening the gift, my dad and one of my brothers opened it and started drinking. That gift clearly was not for me. I think that is one of the gifts that stands out above all the others. That was a horrible gift to give a teenager and not the kind of gifts I am talking about in this post.


The gifts I am talking about are much more important than something you can purchase. Some people have natural God given gifts. Have you ever known someone that can always brighten your day? When you are having a bad day you know they will make you feel better. Or someone that is an amazing teacher or artist? These are gifts that are not meant to be kept for themselves. These gifts are meant for others to enjoy. These are the kinds of gifts that are meant to be shared so others can glean from them.

We all have some kind of gift inside us. Remember, they are not for us. They are to be shared, to enrich other lives. Go out and share them, make someone’s day.

A.K. Finch is a writer, teacher, and poet. She lives in Southern California with her husband, daughter, rescue dog and cat. She can be found on Twitter@ak_finch , Facebook @AK Finch, and Goodreads @A.K. Finch. She is the author of Fading Blue — Book of Haiku.